The Boston Improv Festival to Return in 2020

Hello All,

As we’ve been looking at all of our core functions, and where we spent efforts over the last few years, I’ve been taking a look at our festivals. After talking with artistic and administrative staff and advisors, and taking into consideration everything from the benefits of festivals, to our depleted staff, the need to buffer finances, and our need to focus on internal growth and change, we are putting BIF on hold for this year.

I feel that we won’t be able to devote the time and energy to it that it would need to be the type of professional, polished, and exciting festival that we strive to hold, without detriment to our normal business. Our focus this year is to rebuild our theater infrastructure. Next year, we will look again at BIF and see where we can take it.

Josh Garneau
Interim Managing Director
He / Him / His